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Workshops & Presentations for Your Organization

Workshops & Presentations


Topics are taught at your request individually or in a group setting.  

Contact Vickii for details. (443-244-1232 or vickii@centerfor-healingarts.com)

All workshops and presentations can be tailored to address the specific interests or concerns of your group, organization, staff, or faculty.  The length of time for any of the topics can vary from an hour to several hours depending on your needs.


Getting to Happy…by Making Friends with Your Anger, Sadness, & Fear – with Vickii Engel Thomas

Real happiness requires taking care of all our emotions. To stay out of drama and not drown in our emotions, we must make friends with our anger, sadness, and fear. This workshop explores how each of these emotions show up in the body focusing on patterns,  areas, and organs they can directly effect. Learn what each emotion needs and a variety of body-centered approaches to tend, release, and resolve them so your life can move forward in ease and peace.


EFT Meridian Tapping – with Vickii Engel Thomas

Discovered in 1979 by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan and further refined by Gary Craig, EFT is a simple tapping-on-acupuncture-points protocol that signals the brain’s fight or flight response to turn off. Rather than sending a stress-inducing impulse from the amygdala to the nervous system, EFT helps create calm confidence in the mind and ease in the body.

The EFT protocol uses ones own fingertips to tap on nine acupuncture points on the hands, head, and torso. It can be taught in just a few minutes and has been proven to be helpful in relieving both physical and emotional pain.  EFT can offer life-changing effects that create resiliency for children and adults of all ages.  It is easy, quick, effective, and free to use any time, anywhere.  EFT should be in everyone’s self care toolbox!


Body Language – Understanding and Using Positive Nonverbal Communication –  with Vickii Engel Thomas
Research shows that more than two thirds of all communication is nonverbal.  Learn to read attitudes and emotions through behavior in order to enrich understanding of and communication with others.  The seven keys for using positive body language as presented at the end each workshop.  Highly engaging and lots of fun!

Body Language I – Smiles, Handshakes, Lying, Seating Arrangements,
plus the Seven Secrets to Positive Body Language.

Body Language II – Arm & Legs, Hands & Feet – What They Say.

Body Language III – Polishing Your Body Language for Your Professional Life.

Body Language IV – Love Signals, Courtship Behaviors, and Gender Differences.


Saying the Tough Stuff – How Your Body Can Help You Deliver Challenging Communications  – with Vickii Engel Thomas
We all have times when what we need to say is difficult, confrontational, or just plain scary.  While our head is doing the talking, our conscious use of body awareness and supportive body language can help us deliver the information with the least amount of stress and the greatest potential for positive outcome.  This workshop explores body-centered practices that make saying the tough stuff easier and easier.  Guaranteed to change your life!


The Body as Portal for Conscious Change –   with Vickii Engel Thomas
When we are trying to make a change in our life, we often work on changing our way of thinking or feeling.  It is our physical that offers a wonderfully simple and easily supportive means for making and assessing our relationship to the change we seek.  Learn to partner with your own body so that it may both guide and support your growth consciously.


Breathing Well, Living Wellwith Vickii Engel Thomas
The fundamental act of breathing has immense power to center, calm, and heal.  This experiential workshop teaches the basics of breathing to create and sustain a state of relaxation that nurtures the flow of life in our body and our life.  Several breathing patterns are introduced.


Mindfulness Meditationwith Vickii Engel Thomas
Meditation offers many known health benefits.  Get started learning the basics of mindfulness meditation – a practice that assists us in living in the present moment.  Consciously choose a body-centered focus to calm the mind and release stress.  A wide variety of meditation options offer everyone a place to begin.  Very simple and very powerful, especially when practiced over time.


Making Friends with Changewith Vickii Engel Thomas
Change is the one constant that continues throughout all of our life.  Often we spend enormous amounts of our time and energy resisting it.  This workshop explores the essence of resistance and discusses simple strategies to help us reduce it, so we can experience more ease in embracing changes of all kinds.


Midlife – Shifting from Crisis to Transformationwith Vickii Engel Thomas
Living through our middle years, consider age 35 to 65, offers each of us an opportunity for transformation.  We can choose to shift this experience from that of distressing crisis to enlightening transformation.  Regardless of your age, explore what midlife can do (or has done) for you.


Stress & Self Care on the High Seas of Lifewith Vickii Engel Thomas
The waves of life do not stop.  We all must learn to sail the high seas.  Looking at the root of our stress and tending our thoughts and emotions, body and spirit brings balance and smooth sailing through many dynamic changes.  This workshop explores a holistic approach to the art of self care.


Self Care for Caregiverswith Vickii Engel Thomas
Caregivers often neglect their own needs as they focus on caring for others.  This workshop explores beliefs that contribute to this pattern and how to change them.  Simple self care practices, that are free and easy and can be done anywhere and anytime, are taught.  Short term and long term self care are also explored.


The Chakra Energy System as a Path to Create & Liberatewith Vickii Engel Thomas
The seven primary energy centers along the spine known as the “chakras” are a practical model for understanding how we create and how we grow.  Since they are located in the physical tissue of our body, they can also offer insight into the patterns of health and disease.   Looking through the window of the chakras gives us clear and simple steps with which we can create what we really want in our lives with ease.