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Mindful Separation Coaching

Mindful Separation Coaching

Offered by Tina Brown, MA, LCPC


What is Mindful Separation Coaching?

The process of separating can be one of the most challenging experiences one will experience in their lifetime. Yet it is at this very emotional time that we are asked to make many major life decisions. This individualized, 3 part counseling series is designed for individuals and/or couples who have decided to separate or divorce, and are seeking guidance on how to go about it in the healthiest, most economical way for themselves and their family.


Mindful Separation Coaching will assist clients with:

Gaining Understanding… Participants will gain insight into the often confusing process of separating/divorcing, and about what to expect at each phase. Although Tina is not an attorney and cannot offer legal advice, an overview of the different ways in which to obtain a divorce will be provided.


Achieving Clarity… Participants will become clear about what tone they would like to create throughout the process, and will begin to visualize their life after separating/divorcing.


Finding Peace … Participants will be introduced to stress management techniques, including meditation, to find calm and inner peace in the midst of this often tumultuous time. It is from this place of calm that life’s challenges can most effectively be met.


If you would like more information about Mindful Separation Coaching, please contact Tina Brown, LCPC @ (410) 259-1194 or tina@centerfor-healingarts.com