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Jeri Eaton

Jeri Eaton BA, GCFP

Specialties:  Feldenkrais Method ®, Movement Reeducation

With a heavy hearts, we say farewell to Jeri who died on Sunday, October 16th following a year-long struggle with a reoccurrence of breast cancer.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, November 5th at 11:00 a.m. at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Westminster.



 Jeri is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner CM. Having attended group Feldenkrais® classes since 1993 and found them to be deeply transformative, Jeri entered the four-year practitioner training in 2006. She now works with a wide range of individuals from children to injured athletes to movement-impaired seniors, helping them regain their natural ability to move with ease and grace.

Jeri teaches classes and workshops at Carroll Community College, local retirement communities, and The Center for Healing Arts.  She offers private, one-on-one sessions tailored to the each client’s needs.

The Feldenkrais Method ® allows a person to discover – or rediscover – their natural ability to move. Classes (called Awareness Through Movement®) and individual lessons (called Functional Integration ®)   are built around the idea of rediscovering the ease of an everyday movement. All movement involves many parts of the body, for instance, turning to look behind actually involves many parts of the body, not only the head and neck but also the ribs, spine, pelvis and even knees.  Movement difficulty, and sometimes pain, occurs when parts of the body stop participating.

In a Feldenkrais lesson each movement is broken down into parts which are taught piece by piece, each done slowly, with attention and at whatever ability level is comfortable. In Functional Integration® (one-on-one) these lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs. The practitioner guides the student’s movements with gentle non-invasive touch and words so he or she can experience new, easier ways of moving. At the end of the lesson all the pieces are put together resulting in a movement of greater ease, range and comfort. The aim of every lesson is easier movement which becomes part of the person’s daily repertoire and makes their life more pleasant and productive.  For more information about the Feldenkrais Method® go to www.feldenkrais.com.