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Bob and Lori Hollander

Lori W. Hollander, LCSW-C, BCD

Bob J. Hollander, JD, LCSW-C

Specialties:  Individual/Couples Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Couple to Couple® Coaching


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Website:     www.RelationshipsWork.com


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Lori and Bob Hollander co-founded Relationships Work, to help people build relationships that are deeply connected, emotionally and intimately.

There is nothing more important than achieving a genuine, loving, close relationship with a partner to share life’s journey. That’s why we’re so passionate about our work.

When individuals and couples first come to us we often hear:

• We can’t communicate.
• We argue all the time and nothing gets resolved.
• She sweeps things under the rug.
• He never wants to talk.
• We don’t feel connected.
• I love her; but I’m not in love.
• I’m not sure I can trust him.
• She’s on her cell phone all the time.
• He talks to his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.
• I just found out he had an affair.

We help clients:

• Communicate with more skill, authenticity and empathy
• Handle conflict in a way that creates deeper intimacy
• Build trust after betrayal
• Repair a relationship after an affair
• Rekindle passion and desire
• Create a richer connection

Our innovative approach is based on surrounding couples with 360 degrees of support; in sessions, between sessions and online. Though clients work on their issues in our office, a lot of the work gets done “out there.” That’s why we offer clients an unprecedented level of relationship support – 24/7.

We work with individuals and couples. And we’ll see you either one-on-one or as a team in Couple to Couple® Coaching.
Our Relationships Work Online Community includes our web site, blog, eNewsletter, Store; and we connect with our community on FB, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube.

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You’ll get to hear our personal stories since we’ve been walking our talk for 25+ years using the skills we teach others.

Giving hope is at the heart of everything we do – Hope for couples in crisis; and hope for partners seeking to deepen their bond in a world that often makes that difficult.

Let us know how we can be of service to you.
We are as committed to your relationship as you are.

Lori W. Hollander, LCSW-C, BCD
Bob J. Hollander, JD, LCSW-C

CONTACT US: (410) 363-2825



Website: www.RelationshipsWork.com